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❖Yandere Level & Meter❖

*Hey guys! So I have added another addition to my system of rating yanderes. I did this because I realized that some people are getting confused with my ratings. If you look at the Types & Ratings page you will see that the ratings are not for the yandere, it is for the work the yandere is in. The rating describes the quality of the work the yandere is in and how well the maker of that work portrays the yandere. Let's take for example the Yan/Tsundere Button post. The rating for that game was a 1. It is not because the game was bad or because the yandere was horrible, it is only because the game was short, and didn't go deep into the development of the yandere. It is only a short, fast yandere game with some dialogue and choices. But, it's not like the yandere was lacking in any way. This is where the Yandere Level & Meter comes in.*

Yandere Level: Based on a scale of 1-10, the yandere level describes how yandere a character is. A level 1 yandere would be a yandere close to borderline who only does a few minor yandere things like just saying a couple of yandere lines and just showing a few signs of yandereness. A level 10 yandere would be on the total opposite side of the spectrum. A level 10 yandere would be one who kills others around their love interest and/or kills their love interest.

Yandere Meter: The Yandere Meter corresponds to the Yandere Level in that it describes the extremeness of the yandere. A yandere with a level of a 1-3 would be described as a slight yandere. A yandere with a level of 4-7 would be described as a moderate yandere, and a yandere with a level of 8-10 would be described as an extreme yandere.

Slight Yanderes: Consist of those who say or think yandere things, and who are possessive or obsessive of their love interest enough to call them yandere. 
Ex: Manabe from Hakuji

Moderate Yanderes: Those who do yandere things like stalk their love interest, manipulate them, confine them to their homes, etc. You know, the usual yandere behavior. 
Ex: Jisoo from Dandelion

Extreme Yanderes: Consist of those who murder. They are the ones who kill those in the way of their relationship, those who try to hurt their love interest and/or even kill their love interest.
Ex: Onyu from Metronome

*So there you have it for the Yandere Level & Meter. These two along with the type apply to the yandere while the rating applies to the work as a whole. So now that you know what the Level & Meter is, using my example from before, you can see what the new system of describing yanderes is like.*

Yan/Tsundere Button
Name: Tsundere-kun 
Type: Clingy/Possessive
Level: 10
Meter: Extreme
Rating: 1

*As you can see, even though the rating for this game is a 1, the level of the yandere in the game is a 10. That is because the yandere in this game kills off his competition and in the bad end kills off his love interest, which makes him an extreme yandere.*

Note: Hopefully now the way I rate yanderes makes a little more sense. I feel like this is a good way of doing it since now you could see how yandere a character is and how well the quality of the work is also ^^.


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