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Game | Yan/Tsundere Button

 Name: Tsundere-kun (Lol)
Type: Clingy/Possessive
Level: 10
Meter: Extreme
Rating: 1

*Alright so here I am with a flash game! This is a game on DeviantArt created by Kechuppika. This game was recommended to me and boy is it a cute game! Basically, you have two characters, a female yandere/tsundere, and a male yandere/tsundere. For male yandere purposes, my focus is on the male character. What you have to do is click on the teddy bears for dialogue. The teddy bear closest to the character is the one that initiates conversation for that character. So for the dialogue for the male yandere one you have to click the teddy bear with the long ears and ribbon. There is a catch though. I suggest you play the game and find out for yourself since that is the fun part about it. There is a good amount of dialogue in the game and various endings which makes this game worthwhile. It is a short little game to play if you have been in need of some male yandere and/or tsunderes. If you don't mind spoilers continue reading below since I am going to summarize the game. I still suggest you play the game at least once though if you haven't before reading my little summary about it. You can play the game here.*

Summary (Spoiler)
So what happens in the game is that the more you click on the teddy bear for one character, the more the other character gets jealous. The other character eventually gets so jealous that they kill the other character. From there on you can either talk to the character you are left with or keep clicking on the remains of the other character's teddy bear. As you keep clicking on the remains of the dead character, the character you are left with starts to dress up like the character that is dead in hopes that you will like them more. If you continue to click on the remains of the other teddy bear you will end up with one of the endings. You get the endings based on how much affection you raise with your character. You gain affection by talking to them and answering correctly for the questions. You loose affection by answering incorrectly. You gain no affection with them if you don't talk to them at all (this leads to the worst ending). To get what I think is the best ending for the male yandere you have to exhaust all the dialogue and questions with the yandere before clicking on the remains to proceed. This part is easy accept for at the beginning since if you just talk to the male yandere the female yandere will kill him so I suggest talking to male yandere a lot and when the female one starts interrupting talk to her for a while then go back to the male yandere. Keep repeating that process until you have seen all the dialogue with the male yandere then talk to the female yandere repeatedly and the male yandere will kill her and then from there on it's easy. Enjoy playing with your yandere~ ^^.


  1. WAAA! Thanks :D I like the plot twist XD

  2. It's cute, but I never got the happy ending. :(

    1. Me neither. Is there even a happy ending??


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