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Manga | Dear

Name: Kisara
Type: Overprotective/Obsessive
Level: 3
Meter: Slight
Rating: 5


  1. I am so glad you are back, I've always been checking the blog.

  2. Me too !!! I thought you dropped this blog :(((

  3. Hi nanami! welcome back (again)! ^^ Just wanted to drop some quick suggestions, but if you haven't checked out Lan Chi by Xu Lu Ako or Honey come Honey by Shiraishi Yuki I recommend you do because there are some yandere males to check out! ;) Without spoiling too much, Honey come Honey's main male lead is not someone I would really classify an actual yandere and more of a normal character with several yandere-like moments / behavior (little things like saying "you're mine" or slapping someone's hand from the girl he likes and being jealous, ect.). Lan Chi's yandere, Julian, on the other hand is a much more blatant yandere as he is doing anything in his power to get the mc (I won't go into too much detail for sake of avoiding spoiling, but consider him very possessive and controlling). Hope that you enjoy these recommendations and I can't wait to hear your thoughts! ^^


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