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Drama | Nightmare Teacher: Episode 5-6

Name: Seok Pil Ho 
Type: Clingy/Possessive 
Level: 9
Meter: Extreme
Rating: 1

Featuring: A stalker type yandere also

*If I had to describe this drama arc in one sentence, it's the drama version of The Boyfriend story XD.*

P.S: You don't have to watch the whole drama for the yandere stuff, you can just watch episodes 5&6 shown above. But, some parts in the episode will be confusing as per the plot missed from not watching the other episodes. It is your choice. I thought the drama as a whole was enjoyable as I am a fan of the horror/mystery genre so if you like that give the series a try :D. 


  1. Uwaah, really ?!
    Cool! I go to watch this drama right now, I love horror/mystery genre too :P
    And I imagine I'll become excited when I reach these episodes 5&6 xD

  2. hello nanami, please help me search for Related Page on this blog, i can't find it :( btw, thanks for the recommendation, i watched this drama and i like it very much: D


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