January 08, 2017

App ◊ The Crimson Kiss to Saint

Name: Claude
Type: Possessive/Obsessive
Level: 8
Meter: Extreme
Overall Game Rating: 1

*It's a new year and I'm back from the dead once again! I lost track of how many times I've died ^^'. So sorry fellow yandere lovers for being so unreliable with my postings. I want to say that I'll try staying on schedule but I've said that so many times before so it might feel like empty promises to you all. But, regardless of my on and off activity on this blog I want you guys to know that whenever I'm gone for a while it doesn't mean I'm gone forever. I always come back (^コ^). Not that saying all this means I deserve forgiveness. I'm sorry for being one who breaks promises(◞‸◟)*

*The above aside, I am here to tell you about an otome game called The Crimson Kiss to Saint. This game is a free game that is available for Android and Apple. It is free in the sense that if you want to read it you have to wait for story tickets everyday to read the story. You also have the option to buy the entire story if you want. I personally bought the story because I hate waiting and I usually get bored or forget a game or story when I have to wait everyday to play it. I personally like to binge play, watch or read things. If you don't mind the wait you can read the story for free. If you don't like that option you can buy the whole game for $2.99. As far as why I am talking about this game it is because one the characters in here is yandere. And it just so happens to be the vampire. Yay, vampire yanderes for the win! He's more yandere in other routes rather than his own, specifically Keisuke's route. But yeah he is yandere. The story is really short so it doesn't expand on his yandereness but if you want a little yandere action then I suggest you give this game a try. Enjoy~*

P.S: The quality of this game is not bad but, if you are just in it for the yandere I would suggest not to buy it since I personally don't know if you would be satisfied spending the money for the yandere in this game. I personally was okay with the price but that was because I had credit in my account and was like what the heck. I'm glad I did buy the game though because it led to a yandere ^^. So basically the choice is up to you. I would recommend reading it through story tickets though. 

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