January 25, 2017

Music Video ◊ U-KISS - Stalker

*If you couldn't tell by the name, this song by KPOP boy group U-KISS is about the stalker type yandere. I really don't have to say much about this to be honest. The song explains itself. If you like KPOP, or even if you don't, check out this awesome song about yandere goodness down below ^^.*

Rating: 1


  1. I found a very interesting korean drama with a male yandere :)! Its called 'Kill me, Heal me'
    You really need to check it out! I'm only 5 episodes in and it's amazing!

  2. https://youtu.be/mW5m16vv0Eo?list=PL6dH18YNoROMEMAC-5AP3vrKKffm354bS
    the lyrics!

  3. I have a Male-Yandere manga suggestion. It's called Yuusha-sama ni Ikinari Kyuukonsareta no Desu ga. The male lead is yandere and the story is good too. I totally recommend. ^_^

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  5. Hi Nanami, hope all is well in your life - we miss you! Anyway, I wanted to recommend a book series to you with a yandere male lead. The series is called the Breaking Insanity series and the author is Courtney Lane, but what absolutely blew my mind about it when I read it is that the male lead is a 100% tried and true yandere!! Usually with books / western media men can have one or two yandere qualities and thats all but this character is the most yandere character I've read in a very long time - including mangas. Hiiiighly recommend you read it!