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Otome Game | Programme 404

Name: Mad!Cry
Type: Overprotective/Clingy/Stalker
Level: 7
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 0

*Hey guys! I am here with a short little otome game for your male yandere needs ^^. I got this game as a recommendation a long time ago and I played it then but never posted about it! Going through the recommendations again I found this game and here I am finally posting about it! This otome game is called Programme 404 and the premise of the game is along the lines of this...*
"A YouTuber, Cryaotic, downloads a file which creates multiple versions of himself. He struggles to cope with it, causing the lack of content uploaded onto the internet. As a concerned fan and acquaintance, you visit him and see if he’s alright." (
*When you go to his house to check up on him, you meet Cry, Fem!Cry, Mad!Cry, and Virus!Cry. For male yandere purposes Mad!Cry is the one you should check out. He is yandere and a good one at that. At first, he is a little yandere for Cry and tries to keep you away from him but as he warms up to you he starts becoming yandere for you instead! His route was really cute but too bad the game is so short :(. If it was longer this game would have been yandereffic! But still, he is yandere and his endings are amazing so check him out when you get a chance ^^. The game is free and you can find it here. Enjoy!*


  1. A game with my favorite youtuber and he also happens to be a yandere?? Sold! I can't wait to play it thank you!! \(^-^)/

  2. I saw mad´s ending, it was so yandere XD. I love your blog, I don´t speak english completely but I try to read your posts. Thanks so much for your work :)

  3. hey! thanks for continuing this awesome blog! I was wondering if you're thinking of ever updating your soundcloud playlist? it's my favorite thing from your blog and I listen to it all of the time! :3 thanks for your hard work and hope to hear more wonderful yandere ~~

  4. Hello! I've been following your blog for a while because I love male yandere so so much (*´ω`*)♥♥

    I have a recommendation for you (regarding male yandere character of course): hakomari (utsuro no hako to
    zero no maria). The male mc is super yandere (*´ω`*)
    (but he only becomes a yandere after book one+ (i kinda forgot when, but he's kinda normal at first, so you have to be patient until his yandereness comes out hehe)


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