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App | Seven Hotties, All My Husbands

 Name: Toya 
Type: Clingy
Level: 5
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 0

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  1. i tried this game but the translation was awful! there were still parts in japanese. There's another game by this same company, cinderella contract, and there's a yandere there and i played his whole route but it too had bad translation and i just couldn't do the other routes, even the cute brother of the yandere. >.>

    actually u posted another game by this company that was all yanderes... but man their bad ends were... awful lol. i don't remember the translation being too bad in that one though.

    1. They are bad huh. Same with Alice (not the same company), but, maybe it's just me, but you get used to it. The other games you're talking about are Cinderella Contract Yuri (I love his lil bro too, more than him) and Starstruck Love (all characters). Hey better than nothing right?

    2. I agree that the quality of these games aren't the best. Especially after playing Amnesia Memories I've become greedy. I've set the bar so high for male yanderes that most games and yanderes don't meet my expectations. But, beggars can't be choosers. Literally male yanderes are so hard to find that I feel like I have to beg for them. I'm happy with any quality game if it contains a good male yandere.

  2. Ooh btw for those that don't know already, Toya's route is out! You also get to romance his twin brother Haruto as well at the same time, since its fun watching twins fight for you. Hope it's not as bad as the Cinderella one and more like Starstruck kinda yandere quality for Toya. Fingers crossed.

    1. Really? Thanks for the update! I will have to go check him out for the yandere goodness!


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