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Otome Game | Storm Lover 2nd

 Name: Isuzu
Type: Possessive
Level: 2
Meter: Slight
Rating: 1

*Okay so here I am with Storm Lover 2nd. I recently played this game and, I would usually say to my surprise but these things don't really surprise me anymore, there was a male yandere in here. And guess what, it was the "shota" character. So like usual with otome games, I played the "shota's" route first and he turned out to be a yandere which I was elated with :D.*

 *I put the word shota in quotation marks because I don't want people to misunderstand. The term shota represents a male love interest that is visually and actually very young. I typically use the word incorrectly to describe the youngest character in a series.*

 *The male yandere in here is 1 year younger than the heroine and he is a Do-S yandere character. (Kinda reminds me of some other Do-S yandere I know xD). His name is Isuzu Kazuhisa and he has a couple of good yandere moments. While he acts more sadistic it is actually an indirect way of showing his yandere side.*

 *His text messages to the heroine were on the side of "I will never let you go since you are my favorite pet," and when he gets jealous he comments on how he will have to get a collar for the heroine to show people she is his. Yeah... he is pretty immature. But, like the Do-M I am I take all his sadistic comments and fangirl over them xD.* 

*I wouldn't call him as sadistic as Kanato since he doesn't harm the heroine but he does have some pretty sadistic remarks. Halfway through the game I literally asked myself why I am putting up with him but then I just can't bring myself to hate him because of his adorable yandere side.*

*Throughout the game he is scared the heroine might leave him and he does all that he can to make sure she is his and that no one will steal her from him. Though he calls her his "pet," when he confesses she becomes his pet/lover and he has some really sweet moments. So yeah while he is sadistic, he is a yandere and has moments which are most apparent in his text messages and phone calls.*

 *I am not telling anyone to buy the game or anything, I am just stating how there is a male yandere in the game. Personally, I feel that it is not worth it to buy the game if you are in it for the yandere alone. I suggest you get the game if one, you know Japanese, and two you like the series. If you are interested in the game here is the official site.*


  1. XD You and your shota love. ^^
    I'm glad you fpund a shota yandere (again), but I'm starting hate thes Do-S male yanderes.
    Cna we have a Do-M male yandere for once? Shota, or old, I don't care. TT^TT
    All these Do-S yanderes are killing me, since I am far away from being a Do-M.

    1. Yup xD.
      Also thanks for your feedback! Depending on the character I am either Do-M or Do-S so I work both ways. But, it is true that there are a lot of Do-S yanderes but I have had yet to post about a Do-M one. Okay my new objective is to find a Do-M yandere and post about him!

      Also if you are looking for a Do-M yandere Hinata from Seventh Heaven is one if you haven't heard of him yet. I listened to the CD and I personally feel he is not that yandere but I would qualify him as borderline so if you are interested you should check him out ^^.

    2. Ok, I'll give Hinata a go, thank you. ^^
      -i wish there more Do.M yanderes-

  2. Sorry if I'm sounding kinda stupid now buuuuut what is a Do-S and a Do-M? o.O

    1. Do-S: Sadistic person
      Do-M: Masochistic person

    2. Ohhhhh. :o
      Thanks, I probably wouldn't have found out what that meant when even google had no plan. xD

  3. Another yandere shota! To be honest I'm a complete Do-M, so I find the overwhelming dominance of a Do-S attractive.

    1. Then you will love the male yandere guy in here! ^^

  4. I don't know you're a do-M Nanami-chan XD so it's quite suprising me. Especially your you know,it explains everything XD

    But since I'm a do-S i don't really like a do-S yandere (it will be funny if I and my yandere character fight over who's da boss right ?) So I think you should post more do-M yandere because I love seeing them suffer for me hahaha

    1. Yeah it does xD. And I will post more about Do-M yanderes since they are a rare breed if male yanderes weren't already rare already xD.

  5. somebody knows if there are some english translation for storm lover 2nd or storm lover natsukoi?? :C


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