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Drama CD | Vanquish Brothers

 Name: Mitsunari
Type: Possessive
Level: 2
Meter: Slight
Rating: 1

*Okay so here I am with a Do-M yandere, yay! And I really am not looking for them on purpose but he just so happens to be a shota type yandere <3. Like seriously though I am not looking for them they find me xD. Well putting that fact aside, he is a Do-M yandere. I realized that there are a lot of Do-S yanderes out there but I have yet to post about a Do-M one so I started researching and found one! I didn't have to look too hard though since someone recommended him to me :D. His name's Mitsunari and if I had to summarize him in one sentence I would call him a masochistic version of Kanato. Literally. Like he is so similar to Kanato with the dark circles under his eyes and his habit of hating people and looking down on them. But, being the Do-M Mitsunari is, he is not entirely the same as the Do-S Kanato. Also, Mitsunari doesn't have that polite form of speech that Kanato is famous for so that is the major factor that separates the two of them. Well anyways though, if Mitsunari being a Do-M version of Kanato doesn't scare you away I suggest you check him out! Especially if you are a Do-M yandere fan ^^. Here is the Official Website. You will need to check out Vol.5 the 5th night for Mitsunari.


  1. YES

    1. But uhh.....
      Abusive and Do-M don't go together..... XD
      Kojiru (If I remember right) was a better Do-M, but ofc, he wasn't a yandere.
      And I have noticed something.
      Is it just me or most shotas (counting out Yeonho and such) are ALWAYS Do-S or sadistic?

    2. Oh wait, Do-S and sadistic are the same. XD
      Stupid me.

    3. Yeah I agree with you that abusive and Do-M don't go together. Also, I noticed that too! A lot of shota type yanderes tend to be Do-S for some reason xD.

      And, lol it's okay :D.

    4. Oh well, I have other yanderes, but it's good to find a Do-M yandere.
      But people should know that a person can't be both abusive and Do-M
      It's Abusive person x Do-M person
      Btw sorry I post a lot. I think I annoy you.

    5. I agree. And don't worry, you don't annoy me. I enjoy your posts ^^.

  2. Am I the only one who can't find an english translation for this? i've looked everywhere but there isn't one for vol 5. Help?

    1. Yeah there isn't a translation for this volume as far as I know :(.

  3. You're comparing other yanderes to Kanato lately xD he's so sadistic lol. I like Do-M too but I prefer Do-S haha...
    When I have the time I'll check out this drama CD :P I still want to know more about Do-M yanderes xD.

    1. Yes I have, it's probably because I am obsessed with him xD. I hope you enjoy the CD :D.

  4. Sorry to say but can you explain what a DO-M yandere to me, I'm sorry I don't know and no matter how I try to research it, it doesn't give me an answer.

    1. Don't say sorry, I will gladly explain! ^^

      I don't know if you know the meaning of yandere or not but, you can find the definition for that term here...

      As for the term Do-M it means a person who is masochistic; someone who likes being harmed physically and mentally. Someone who takes joy out of being hurt.
      You can find a better definition of what I said here...

      So basically a Do-M yandere is a yandere who is a masochist.

      I know you didn't ask this but just as a side note the opposite of Do-M is Do-S, a person who likes inflicting harm on others rather than receiving it.

      I hope I did an okay job of answering your question! :)

    2. Thank you, you explained it so well! Your a big help!


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