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Otome Game | Nameless ~The One Thing You Must Recall~

 Name: Tei
Type: Possessive/Manipulative
Level: 8
Meter: Extreme

Name: Yeonho
Type: Clingy
Level: 6
Meter: Moderate

Name: Secret Character
Type: Stalker/Sadistic
Level: 7
Meter: Moderate

Overall Rating: 5

~Okay so there are a total of 3 yanderes in here. All of them are of the finest quality! My review for this game is really long and has spoilers so read more at your own risk (^_^)~

~Okay so I have so many things to say about this game!! First of all, it was a great game! The art was good, and so was the story line, not to mention the replay value!! The yanderes in here were 10 out of 10!!~

~Of course though I had my favorites in the game. Like usual I always aim for the shotas first. I don't know if it's fate or coincidence, but the shota was a yandere!! I mean I knew there were yanderes in the game before hand but I didn't know which ones were yanderes before hand.~

~Not only was the shota cute and adorable, he was also one of those clingy type yanderes, my favorite type!! His name's Yeonho and he has an obsession with you throughout his route and an yandere ending! I loved the way he called the heroine Master throughout the route and the use of the phone in the game enhanced his route. If you have played the game you would know what I mean. (Those text messages o_O)~

~Yeonho's route was so good and entertaining I was a little scared because I played his route first and was worried if the other routes would be as good as his and if I set the bar too high playing Yeonho's route. But, fortunately that didn't turn out to be a problem.~

~After Yeonho I played Lance's route and boy oh boy did I enjoy his route. He wasn't a yandere but a very enjoyable character. I honestly thought he would be boring because he seemed like a kuudere type character but as you get further into his route he becomes more of a tsunDERE with and emphasis on the dere.~

~Lance is so cute and lovable and I couldn't help but smile and laugh during his route. If you play the game here is a tip, make sure you see his reactions to all answer choices. Save the game before you pick the choice and check out his reactions to all the choices. Believe it or not I liked his reactions to some of the "wrong answers" better than the "right."~

~I played Yuri next to get his route out of the way. No offence to those who like them, this is just my preference and opinion but I hate those "player" type characters. Those routes are the ones I play last or not at all. I played his route though because in order to unlock the secret character you needed to.~

~His route was okay, what made it okay was one of his endings and Tei's presence in his route's plot. After playing Yeonho's route I got interested in Tei so I decided to save his route for a later time. So that is how I ended up playing Yuri's, because if it was a horrible experience for me, at least I could make it up by playing Tei's route.~

~Tei's route did end up making up for Yuri's route play a little. Tei is the other yandere in the game, and a good one at that. He is those manipulative type yanderes, my least favorite. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy his route. During his route the overall plot of the game started to pick up and you got more insight on the secret character too. He has 2 yandere endings that really sell his character for me and one scene during his route that made me squeal. It was a good route.~

~After that I played Red's route because he was supposed to be the "last boss" or should I say hero, before the actual boss. So Red was the last route I played. I was hoping he'd be a yandere too but he wasn't. I kinda figured since his character didn't seem to fit yandere. But one can hope.~

~His route was also okay. It wasn't as bad as Yuri's route but he seemed like too much of a cliché kind of character in any otome game. He just didn't fit that position to be the last hero. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't a bad character and his route wasn't bad at all! I enjoyed it in fact but it's just that I had high expectations with him being the last hero and all that I did not expect him to be so "normal" I should say.~

 ~Well I still enjoyed Red's outgoing childish personality but really think that Tei should have been the last hero. Maybe it's because Red is the most normal out of all the other dolls that he was the last hero in order to save the heroine from the secret character.~

~Which brings me to another character. The last yandere is the secret character. He was so yandere that I wished he had a longer route. He also was shota like too which made it extra fun for me :). I won't talk too much about him since it would ruin A LOT. But, he's a pretty scary yandere but that just makes him even more attractive to a yandere lover like me.~

~That is about all I have to say about the game. I know it was a lot and if you read all of it up to now I thank you for taking the time to listen to me rant XD. I just had a lot to say because the game was just awesome. It was so worth it's money indeed :D. The yanderes in here were definitely yanderes and well developed ones at that and the non yandere characters were enjoyable. I highly suggest you get this game if you love yanderes and don't mind spending some money.~

~Here is the link to the official site. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did!~

PS: If I had to rank the characters from least favorite to best it would be like this... (this is my personal preference)
Yuri ---> Red ---> Tei ---> Secret Character ---> Lance ---> Yeonho <3
(Yeonho did end up being my favorite character so it was a little regretful that I played his route first. But it wasn't that bad as I didn't have too much regret because the other characters were entertaining and the plot was good too.)

The order in which is recommended to play the game in for the plot to flow nicely is this....
Lance ---> Yeonho ---> Yuri ---> Tei ---> Red ---> Secret Character
(I was so close. I just switched up Lance and Yeonho but everything else was perfect. You are pretty much okay plot wise if you switch up Yeonho, Lance and Yuri's routes but Tei should be played 4th and Red last.)


  1. sigh this is the second game i've bought just cuz of your blog post >.> stop making me spend money D:< loved your summaries tho, looking forward to playing the game!!

    1. I'm sorry :( lol. I'm glad you enjoyed my summary and I hope you enjoy the game! Trust me if you like yanderes you will not regret buying this game :).

  2. Three yanderes? And the shota is the best? I love this game, I'ma buy it now. Well, when I get my first paycheck that's coming up. Then I'ma buy it! I'm also curious about the secret character and his yandereness. From the way you described he sounds like the original bad guy or something.

    1. LOL yeah this game was really good :).

      The secret character was good too and yes he is the bad guy in the story I should say.

      I don't know if the shota was the best yandere I should say. I think the Secret Character and Tei are "better yanderes." Yeonho had more of an obsession with you. But, that doesn't mean he wasn't a good yandere. He was a GREAT yandere, and my favorite character <3.

  3. lol... I just ->bought<- my first otome game XD. I read your rewiew and played the demo and I got hooked x). The story seems interesting in comparison of many "free" otome game on the Apps store.

    Emm... Do you know if there's a way to see all the endings without replaying the whole thing?

    1. Yes, I was surprised, the game was very good. It was different than many "free" otomes games I have played and really enjoyable :). It had a lot of depth to it and it was well thought out. It has got to be one of my favorite otome games I've ever played!

      I'm not sure if this answers your question but to see endings that you have already gotten you go to the main screen and go to the section called memories. Click on the character you want to see and then try the selections to find the ending you are looking for. For example, one of Yeonho's endings in the memories page is called Unforgivable Doll.

    2. Okay I just played the whole thing (so addictive..). For me, the rank would be:
      Yuri ---> Tei ---> Red ---> Lance ---> Secret Character ---> Yeonho
      but damn, sometimes it's just this:
      Yuri ---> Tei = Red = Lance = Secret Character = Yeonho
      because they all have their own charms, it's so difficult x)
      YES, I hate those "player" type of character too! Also, his route was painful sometimes... gah...
      Tei... I don't know... I didn't like him that much. I had high hopes at the beggining and got disapointed xd
      As for Red, he's the type of charater that makes me smile and his route was really great, I even cried o_o
      Lance is so cute :3 but his route... I liked it started at the middle...
      Lol, the secret character is so scary XD but I like his personnality, he was an interresting one. If only his route was longer.... *pout*
      Yeonho! he's so cute :3 I think his route was the best! I was never bored. I really liked the fact that he changed so much during his route!

      Lol... some of the bad endings were so weird XDD like Unforgivable Doll (... wtf XD) and many more.

      I want to talk more but I'll spoil everything so... yep. it's worth the money :)

    3. ah... I forgot to mention: without thinking, I gave the first doll a girl name at the beginning... god damn it XD!!

    4. LOL your thoughts on the game were similar to mine! I'm glad you liked the game and Yeonho too! He is cute and I enjoyed his route the best too ^^.

      Also, I get what you mean about this, Yuri ---> Tei = Red = Lance = Secret Character = Yeonho, I feel the same exact way sometimes XD.

      Haha, about naming the doll at first when it asked me the question I thought they were asking me to name the heroine, but right after I named the doll I clicked forget the name because I was like wait maybe not so I went with a name that works with both genders. So it worked out for me in the end (^_^).

    5. Are you my clone xd?

      I have some questions:
      -do you think Nameless is better than Dandelion?
      -do you think it's worth to buy otome games not in english but with translated trials? Is it difficult to play?

    6. Maybe I am (o_O) lol.

      Here are your answers ^o^ (It's long by the way):

      -Yes, for me personally I enjoyed Nameless more than Dandelion. Male Yandere wise Nameless is a way better game than Dandelion. As for the game as a whole, I liked Nameless better because even though I usually like stat raising games (and animals), Nameless had more enjoyability while I was playing the game because the stories and characters were interesting and had more depth. I enjoyed Dandelion a lot, better than other otome games before playing Nameless. After playing Nameless though it replaced Dandelion as one of my favorite otome games. So playing Dandelion first, then Nameless worked out for me in the end (^_^).

      -It's worth it to buy otome games not in english based on these factors:
      1) You know the language of the game (ex: Japanese), somewhat.
      2) Depends on the game, Is it good or not? Does it fit your taste?
      3) The game has easy controls and is easy to play.
      4) It is fully voiced or partially voiced. (I undertand the language better by hearing it rather than reading it.)

      The game will be difficult if you don't have any of those things I listed above. But don't get discouraged, the point of otome games is to enjoy them, don't get hung up on what you don't know when you play them. I don't understand everything when I play them but it's still fun because you have to ignore every little detail and just look at the game in context.

      Some non-English otome games that I've played that fit the requirements above are..
      1) Diabolik Lovers
      2) Jewelic Nightmare
      If you are thinking of playing non-English otome games this is where you should start.

      If you don't think you will be able to play non-English otome games without the translation, here are some non-English otome games that have been fully translated:
      1) Princess Nightmare
      2) Second Reproduction (18+)
      3) Yo-Jin-Bo (The Bodyguards)
      You can find more here

    7. Nameless was so good, it makes me want to buy more otome games o_o so I wanted your opinion on these two questions :p
      Thanks for your long answer, I really appreciate it! :D

    8. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and, you're welcome :).

  4. I actually love the manipulative yanderes. It's interesting that even in the yandere-verse there's a lot of different types out there. Yeonho was creepy but cute at the same time, gosh that plays on your feels XD

    1. I agree that it is interesting ^^. Also yes, the cute but creepy Yeonho does play with your feels xD.

  5. Ah!!! I love yanderes so much! I've used your blog for a long time :3
    I bought this game and am on the Red route right now, and honestly i think Tei and Yeonho are still my favourite.
    I totally agree about Yuri, i always hate the players :L Just annoying
    We have like the same tastes :D
    I mean, whats not attractive about obessseive shotas XD

    1. I'm glad my blog is useful!

      I am also happy that we share the same love for shotas!!

      Did you play the secret character's route yet? What did you think?

  6. I'm still a beginner liker for yanderes, (male ones), so do you know the types of yanderes there can be, I know that theirs the stalker one, and the clingy one plus the manipulative one but that's all I know. Oh yeah, when you said player, I'm sorry to those who like them but I don't like them one bit. Their a bit annoying, especially when a whole misunderstanding comes up about cheating. They don't really make me feel they treasure you you know. Plus their players, I don't understand why their so popular with anime girls. If I saw a person flirting with me like that, I would run away (possibly even faster than light). It's just my opinion though, a lot of us most likely don't like a someone or something for completely different reasons.

    1. There are many types but you hit the big ones so far. I am actually thinking on making a page about the different types soon so look out for that! ^^

      Yeah I feel the same way about player type characters. I would run away too xD.

  7. I just played this, despite of my bank account saying no, but I don't regret it. I actually liked Tei, since I'm a sucker for yanderes that are nice on the outside (but only has eyes for her). I love Yeonho too, wish I can combine both Tei's and Yeonho's personalities, now that would be a a weird combo yandere. I hate one of Yeonho's bad end (err with a certain someone there), I had to walk out of my room to breathe. Like many bad ends, I felt that some of them were wtf (ie Tei's one of bad end with doll and Red's end with Power Rangers). I wished I get to see more of the secret character too, I felt like I needed to see more interaction esp with other dolls. Now I'm gonna play Princess of Ruin for more yandere goodness. Aaah, I really want those otome games with yanderes on them to be translated (esp Kuro Kin- something one with Ikuto, since I really want to have some more, err, 18+ content).

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I've got to say this game is worth it's money. The quality and quantity of male yanderes in this game is just perfect!

      Princess of Ruin after this game might not be the best choice. The quality of the yandere in Princess of Ruin is not nearly as good as the ones in this game so you might feel like you wasted your money on the other game to be honest.

      I agree. There should be more translated male yandere games. R18 male yandere games would be very much appreciated if they were translated.

  8. I finally bought this game just now on steam :') , buy money it will be worth it I hope (it does seems like a great game tho) ~ Omg we're pretty similar haha, I usually like that type too, and I don't like players much...

    I really like your reviews!~~ <3

  9. So what is the doll that it asks you to name at the beginning of the game?

  10. This game is awesome.. cried a lot somehow TTvTT
    Btw can anyone help me?
    I bought the DLC (Black & White Christmas) at steam but Idk how to play it... //sozifit'sastupidquestion ;v;


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