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Otome Game | Dandelion ~Wishes Brought to You~

 Name: Jisoo
Type: Overprotective/Possessive
Level: 6
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 4

~Okay so I knew for a while that there was a yandere in Cheritz games. It took me a while but I was finally able to buy and play both games made by Cheritz. I started with this game first. The reason why I started with this game first was because I had played the demo and got hooked!~

~I know I had stalled playing this game for a while because I didn't trust any otome game that wasn't Japanese to have a proper yandere in it. I know that sounds "racist", but don't take it the wrong way. With my experience of playing non-Japanese otome games, the chance of there being a yandere and a good one at it are low. So I usually spend my money on Japanese games. But after playing Princess of Ruin, I was surprised at the quality of the yandere. It was enjoyable. So I decided to play Cheritz games also. Not to mention that the art is so pretty which also influenced my decision.~

~The Korean instead of Japanese voices didn't bother me since I watch a lot of Kdramas and listen to a lot of KPOP so I was used to it. It was funny, it felt like I was watching a drama because the dialogue was so casual. If you are not used to Korean that might pose a problem. To be honest, at the yandere scenes I had wished it was Japanese voiced. The Korean made it seem more casual rather than yandereish. But in no ways did I regret playing this game! It was SUPER FUN and characters other than the yandere were good. I liked how it was a stat raising game, which are my favorite kind of otome games.~

~The yandere didn't only have 1 scene. He had more like 2 scenes in the Bad End, and 1 scene during his route. The story kind of hinted a little towards his yandereness also. If the yandere did not have that Bad Ending I wouldn't have posted about this otome game though. It's the ending that declares him yandere. While I usually hate yanderes that are only yandere in the Bad Ends, the game was so enjoyable and the art work was so pretty that I overlooked it :p. I enjoyed the yandere's route and the other characters too.~

~This game is for you if you like Korean, Pretty Art Work, Stat Raising Games, Animals, and Overly Jealous Boys (Yandere). The game also has replay value, which is one of the reasons why I liked it so much! Other than the yandere there is a secret character that has an obsession with you. I wouldn't call him a yandere for reasons that would spoil the game for you, but he does have an obsession and is a borderline yandere.~

~Overall Dandelion was a very enjoyable game. As far as the yandere part of it goes it's for people who like mild yanderes or easily jealous love interests. I recommend you play it if you are an animal lover like I am. That really sold it for me!~

~You can find out more about the game on the Official Website. Did I forget to mention that the game is available in English? Because that is worth mentioning (^_^).~


  1. A lot of text XD

    Sometimes I want to buy otome games but I still don't want anyone to find out that I'm playing one, it would be so embarrassing omg :S I don't know, it's like a different level then with the mangas and animes that I can find for free.

    1. Yeah I know XD.

      Yeah I know how you feel. I find the otome games that are downloadable easier for me to obtain and "less embarrassing." Well at this point I'm not embarrassed by my likes any more any ways so yeah. But, there are many otome games for free in the App store and ones you can download for free out there. You can find out more here. :)

    2. On the Apps store, the free ones ask to buy jewels (or something like that xd) to get an ending or an extra scene x_x. Well, maybe someday I'll buy an otome game... but it has to be a good one x). Thanks for the website, I'll check it out!

    3. Yeah I know, the free ones make you wait and if you can't wait they make you spend a lot of money it's a rip off sometimes.

      Personally I rather those games that are not free, that you just buy like Voltage games because then you don't have to keep buying things and don't have to wait.

      Also, you are welcome for the website :).

  2. Can I recommend a yandere?
    His name is Tei, he's from a game called Nameless. Watch this:
    Just recommendation though. I'm sorry if I can't recommend.

    1. You may :). I appreciate recommendations ^^.
      Also I am actually playing Nameless right now! I got it when I got Dandelion because I heard both games had yanderes.
      It's okay! You definitely can recommended :)


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