February 20, 2015

Otome Game ◊ Princess Nightmare

Name: Radou
Type: Possessive/Overprotective
Level: 4
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 1

*Yeah.. the yandere in here was okay. He wasn't the best yandere in an otome game but he wasn't the worst either. I personally preferred him in other routes than his own. I kinda expected more from him. He started off really good but I guess since the game is a little comedic it ruined it for me. Yanderes are supposed to be serious, not comedic. But yeah it was okay though. The good thing is there is an English patch for the game, which is awesome! I found the game really enjoyable and did laugh here and there. The yandere's name is Radou, he's a vampire and is so much more sexier in other people's routes than his own. Have fun with him (´∀`)♡. For more information check out English Otome Games.* 


  1. Can you recommend the japanese drama Kingyo club? There is a male yandere in it.
    Spoiler: It's Motoi Takaya. In the beginnig he is good but as the episodes go by he gets worse.

    1. Oh! Thank you for the recommendation 。(⌒∇⌒。)! I will check it out. It's funny, I love watching Japanese dramas and I've actually spotted this one when I was looking for ones to watch but I had yet to start it. Knowing that there is a yandere in it I'm all excited now to watch it O(≧▽≦)O!