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Drama | Bridal Mask

Name: Kimura Shunji 
Type: Possessive 
Level: 8 
Meter: Extreme 
Rating: 1

*Here comes another drama that has a male yandere in it. He's like the perfect embodiment of good guy gone wrong XD. Its totally not his fault though, its the plot's fault. Whoever created his character messed him up in a good way <3. If you like dramas and yanderes watch this. If I remember correctly the yandere stuff happens pretty early on. As the episodes go by he slowly gets better worse. Enjoy~. Wait, I forgot to mention that the yandere in here is not the main character. He's like the secondary character. You might get bored waiting for his scenes to come so don't watch this unless you like the drama as a whole.*


  1. Would the drama Kill me Heal me, shin se ki count as a yandere? He was a split personality but by the end I felt sure I could label him that.

    1. I watched the drama Kill Me Heal Me and felt that he was a yandere but wasn't sure since it wasn't definite. I put the drama under my Related page. Thanks for the heads up though :).

  2. Ah, I get that lol yeah, it always had that "I'm not sure feeling."

    1. Yeah. Thanks for recommending me the drama though still.


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