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Drama | High School Love On!

Name: Sunbae 
Type: Overprotective/Possessive
 Level: 7
Meter: Moderate

Name: Hwang Sung-Yeol
Type: Clingy
Level: 3
Meter: Slight

Overall Rating: 2

*Okay, so here is another drama that I've watched where I've seen yanderes in. They don't show up much in dramas but I was surprised to find one in this drama that I have been watching! It's not the main character, and the yandereness has always been there but it starts to get good toward the middle of the series. If you like watching dramas and like yanderes, then this is good for you (^-^)*


  1. Hello! Would you mind rating how yandere the guy is? And what does he do that makes him yandere? I'm kind of curious and I'm thinking of watching the show. XD Thank you! <3

    1. Sure! Um, sorry if I spoil some stuff for you. I'll do my best to explain!

      For starters, there are two characters in this drama I think you can consider yandere. One of them is the one I mentioned in my post and the other is one that gradually turns into a yandere. I don't consider the one that turns into a yandere though because he is doing it to spite someone else. That is why I said in my post that there was one yandere.

      Second, in terms of rating it is going to be hard because yanderes in dramas are usually weak, weak meaning that there are not as good as ones in manga and webtoons.

      Thirdly, If you are thinking of watching the drama for the sole purpose of the yandere I don't think you should. It will be painful to wait for the yandere stuff to happen. Dramas are usually very long and the good stuff doesn't happen until around Ep 11-12. But, the good news is once you hit Ep 13 things start to get interesting for the rest of the series. Also, the drama is very entertaining to me even without the yandere in it. You'll enjoy it too if you like high school romances <3.

      ------------------------------------------------------(Spoilers Ahead)------------------------------------------------------
      Characters: Description: Rating

      Shin Woo-Hyun: The main character. He is super adorable <3. His personality is that of a typical male lead in a shoujo manga. I can't really give him a rating since he isn't a yandere but later on in the series he gets super overprotective of the heroine.

      Hwang Sung-Yeol: The second yandere. I loved him from the 1st episode. He starts off as your cool level headed 2nd male lead and then things go downhill. He gradually turns into a yandere. I can't consider him one since he does the yandere things to hurt the main male character but he does love the heroine so I guess you can consider him one in that aspect. The things he does that makes him a yandere is that he threatens the protagonists, and constantly forces the heroine to stay be his side and not the male lead's side. He's paranoid most of the time and gets pretty violent as the episodes go by from Ep 12. I would give him a 4/10.

      Sunbae: Don't know his real name, this is all he is ever called by from the heroine. He is the heroines Sunbae, which is Korean for an older colleague. They worked together as angels before the heroine decided to become human. When she does, he goes berserk and his yandereness unleashes. He does anything in his power to get her back at his side and tries to harm/kill the male lead multiple times. He is in love with the heroine and can't accept the fact that she chooses to be human and be with the male lead that is why he tries to destroy their relationship to force her into leaving the male lead's side and come back to him. I would give him a 7/10.

      I hope this helped you a bit (^_^). But yeah if you are thinking of watching it just for the male yandere I suggest you don't. It would be annoying to have to wait for it. If you want a drama to watch that has a male yandere in it I suggest Last Friends. The yandere stuff happens pretty early on and throughout the series. I loved the male yandere in here. If I would rate him I would give him a 9/10.

  2. Hey, i just wanna say i'm in love with the drama and with the blog, i loooove so much yandere males, but is so hard to find. Well, sorry for my bad english and thanks for do the posts. Kisses from Brazil.

    1. I love the drama too and thank you for loving my blog <3. You are welcome (-^_^-).

  3. How a about the Korean drama titled I miss you ?

    1. I haven't watched I Miss You. I will check it out. Thanks! (^_^)

  4. This drama was enjoyable :D, however there is little things that I didn't like. Sometimes the bullying get overdramatic and I can't believe that no one takes the side of Seul Bi beside the two male leads o_o. The yandere could have been better too...

    But there's many things I liked about this Drama ^-^. There's many funny characters and funny moments that made me smile. Also LOL, sometimes there's BL...? It was hilarious with woo hyug and Sung Yeol XDD! The triangle with the Main character was good, we can understand that a triangle can be really painful. I also like that there was other couples developping in the story!

    I still prefer last friends for the yandere and the plot but this drama was very fun to watch :D thanks for the post ^^

    1. I agree with everything you said about the drama too. This wasn't one of my favorite male yandere dramas. Last Friends is so far the best I have watched with a male yandere in it.

      I also liked the comedy in the drama too! And the pairings! The two guys had like the best bromance xD.

      You are welcome :D.


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