August 06, 2014

Drama CD ◊ Seventh Heaven

*Aright so here again is another Drama CD series that has a male yandere in it. Basically in this series you are a woman who wants to die and you try to kill yourself but the shinigami of your choice comes and stops you saying he will give you a more pleasurable death through song. You end up living with him until your fated day. Two characters in this series are labelled as yanderes; Hinata, the Do-M, and Yuuri, the Do-S. You see, I can definitely argue Yuuri as being a yandere but, I'm not so sure about Hinata. Either way, I enjoyed both characters(‐^▽^‐)You'll want Vol. 2 for Hinata and Vol. 4 for Yuuri.*

Name: Hinata
Type: Clingy
Level: 1
Meter: Slight
Rating: 0

Name: Yuuri
Type: Possessive/Overprotective/Obsessive/Sadistic
Level: 10
Meter: Extreme
Rating: 4

Hinata's CD Translation
Yuuri's CD Translation 

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