July 11, 2014

Manga ◊ Renai Shinjuu

*I don't know what to say really. There definitely is a male yandere in here, actually 2 of them, (you'll know who they are when you read), but I don't like either. This whole manga is weird to begin with, and I usually read a lot of weird stuff, but this manga is too crazy for me. I don't hate this manga, but I don't love it either. That's just my personal opinion though. If you like male yanderes you should give this manga a try. It's not completely translated though ( ≧Д≦). Warning: SMUT/MATURE.*


Name: Ren 
Type: Manipulative
Level: 5
Meter: Moderate

Name: Takumi
Type: Possessive
Level: 6
Meter: Moderate

Rating: 2

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