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Manga | Hakuji

Name: Manabe
Type: Obsessive/Clingy
Level: 1
Meter: Slight
Rating: 2


  1. Why do you think he's yandere?

    1. ::SPOILERS::

      I think it's hard for someone to really see that Akiharu's a yandere. Because when you think yandere you don't think of someone like him he's not your typical yandere meaning he's not a killer or thinks all that violently, but you can see that he does snap psychologically at points like when he's talking about how he cant paint her because he cant see inside her, literally inside her which is what he does when he pulls her mouth open to see and touch a little of what he cant get to. He also talks a lot about how I wants her white skin to himself but doesn't want to taint her with his impurities and basically obsesses over that, which isn't something someone normal does and since the "Yan" in yandere means "Sick" or unhealthy he fits the qualifications considering his reasons for finding her so intriguing and alluring aren't healthy at all. but HE IS JUST SO SWEET! even though he's a slight yandere.

    2. I couldn't have explained it better myself xD.

      Also sometimes you can tell by his crazy/dark eyes when he has his yandere moments.


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