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Manga | Breath

Name: Takashi/Ten 
Type: Manipulative/Possessive
 Level: 7
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 1


  1. I don't really like yaoi but... I got attached to the characters x) Sometimes I have the personnality of Arata (putting a wall / act serious because of shyness at work/school but I'm not really like that inside). And the yandere was good :D I really like the fact that the "yandereness" appears later in the manga :p

    1. I liked the fact that the yandereness appeared at the end too. And how it was hinted along the way :D.

      The best story is one in which you can relate to the characters, it makes it more enjoyable :). I know how you feel. I think everyone puts walls around themselves because they are too afraid to show people who they really are. I have a wall too. It makes me feel better though when I have someone that shares my interests. Not everyone likes male yanderes so for a long time it was more of a hidden thing until this blog lol XD. Thanks for always chatting with me! :D

    2. I'm glad that I'm not alone with this wall thing :p. I really like chatting with you too! I read all your replies :D

    3. Me too! And, thanks for reading my replies ^^. I know I am slow at replying to comments but I do love reading the comments you post on my blog so thanks for always posting :D.

    4. lol don't worry take your time to respond XD, I love writing comments on your blog ;D I'm glad you like them!


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