July 03, 2014

App ◊ Can't Say No

*And here is another app that has a male yandere in it. From the Shall we Date series is the otome game Can't Say No. You have to play Subaru's route for the yandere stuff. Enjoy! (^_^).*

Name: Subaru
Type: Stalker/Possessive
Level: 6
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 2
Android Devices


  1. Well I know this post is old, but so far I'm sure Subaru is my favorite male yandere. :)

  2. Ooh thanks for the guide! I was trying to get his normal ending, but I keep getting the happy one 3 times in a row :(. I'm just hoping that the normal has a more yandere ending XD

    1. Update: Did his normal route and because I'm a pervert, I enjoyed very bit of it. *inserts evil laughter*.

    2. Yeah the normal ending has more yandere goodness. Also, lol I enjoyed every bit of it too xD.