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Manhwa | Flowers of Evil


Name: Se-Joon
Type: Manipulative/Possessive
Level: 8
Meter: Extreme
Rating: 5


  1. Den Manga habe ich auch gelesen. ^^ Als ich auf der Such nach Bruder und Schwester Geschichten war. *cought* If i write it in german then its more embarressing as in english. *blush*
    Even now i cant understand my romantical crush for this kind of love. I think it makes the forbidden-part. But in this case i was at first for the brother, then for the blond-haired-guy (sorry i forgot names far) and at last for both of them. O_O

    That was 2 years ago. I didnt perceive that this guy is yandere. More i didnt know yandere. Just the psycho yuno -_- later. At first i was confused. I could'nt understand why someone must go so far for the person which he loves. At least since Pandora Hearts i understand that yandere can be cool and that i like this character. Yandere. I was worried, because i throught that wasnt normal and weird similar to my romantical crush for forbidden love and that i should stop that. But then i saw kanba and in the middle of the anime i noticed "hey he is yandere" and "wow he is cool" and then "wait i like him? o_O. I became a Yandere-fan.

    And i searched more male yanderes, BUT they are so few. WHY? The world needs more male yandere! If its a girl its creepy, but if its a guy its cute, because the most yandere-guys are soft-yandere and the most yandere-girls are hardcore yandere. I became depressed. xD At the end i found this blod and it saved me. ;D

    That was my life-story xDD. My english teacher would be proud of me. ^^

    1. Gotcha :D. And it's fine, I can't understand mine either! xD
      That's funny, at first I was for the blonde haired guy, then when I found out the brother was yandere I was for the brother, and in the end, I liked the both of them too xD.

      Also thanks for your life story xD. I totally agree with you. Female yanderes tend to be more extreme while male yanderes are more soft. For me, with female yanderes it's more of the obsession and killing part of yandere, with males it's the possessive and love struck part. Also there does need to be more male yanderes!


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