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Webtoon | Abide in The Wind

Name: Kairak 
Type: Clingy
Level: 6
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 2

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  1. Omg, I know this was posted long ago, but I found a website where 108 chapters are translated! this is the link if you haven't found it yet! I love your page, btw!

    1. Thanks for the website! ^^ I am familiar with the fact that more translated chapters have been out that includes the yandere parts :D. But still, thanks for telling me!

      Also, thank you :).

  2. adult kairak is so hot and yandere, I fell in love...

  3. This fellow goes from a 0 - (ignoring your existence) to a 10 - (You die now/ I love you forever) real fast. Classic monster likes girl and is encumbered by having to do silly human things like sleeping and eating and not putting your girlfriend/your reason to exist, in your interdenominational healing dragon kangaroo pouch for safe keeping. It's actually somewhat low key and slow but it has just enough spice sprinkled here and there to peak your interest. With moody colored panels that are 100% on point. But if you don't like the ' humans ruin everything' narrative in there then that's going to be a problem. Cause it's not just the humans literally every character (aside from all the enslaved suicidal elves) in the story is insidious, vengeful, sociopathic, or just flat out selfish. Not saying MC isn't selfish, but next to these other turd blossoms you will all have the pleasure of hating (Who basically want to turn fantasy fun land into a sandbox for total extinction events for both all other races and ultimately their own), she and her 'The Last Dragon' BF are Saints.

    SPOILERS: in the end (like last chapter) they have a baby boy, (yandere version 2 . 0) He doesn't get much of a story, he's like low key mad he can't beat up his dad and marry his mom. His mom could never really show him affection because his dad would be pissy, and his dad never showed him any affection because he only cared about his mom. (so I guess now we know why they're not having more than 1)
    So half-dragon half-humans are just a thing now. Hah- but he's a yandere just like his dragon papa. Last scene is him talking to his gf about his mom and dad and their adventures.


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