June 05, 2014

Manga ◊ Hadashi de Bara wo Fume

*Warning: SMUT/MATURE, read at your own risk. The villain in this is a yandere. Yup. He's psychotic. (-^_^-)*


Name: Nozumo
Type: Possessive
Level: 7
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 3


  1. Okaaaay. At first i thought the black-haired boy is yandere and i was for the blond-haired boy. He seems like a kind-hearted person and he was the only one who was nice to her. (The other guy treats her just like a thing.) I was in my * Aww forbidden love :3 *fangirl-mode* (Im a yandere and forbidden-love-fan) In this case i liked the second option more.

    BUT then..I must say if there exist a person who is really really perfect then this person is either a robot or a psycho. It looks like that the second option turns be true. ähm and for the first opion i have no proves but i work on it. *cought* At any rate i never throught that the other nice-looking boy could be a yandere. i was surprised. he is not the best yandere. I dont know what should i do. It was a little shock. Im not sure. Are both of them Yandere? Im confused. ( i havent finished this manga not yet.)

    1. What a coincidence I like forbidden romances too!

      LOL yup beware of perfect people. No one can be perfect and if they are then something is wrong o_O. Yeah I also agree that he is not the best yandere. And no, both of them are not yandere only the nice looking guy is.

    2. I read more.

      The next coincidence: They are blood-releated.

      What the heck?! O_O Okaaaaaaaay i like Yanderes and romance between siblings, but thats a bit weird. xD A mix of them, BUT I still like it. So its okay for me. ;D
      *call my psychiatrist* I hope the psycho will be together with the MC.

    3. Haha XD. That is weird, what a coincidence! I had forgotten that the yandere and the MC were related!

    4. They didn't end up together?! Just like i supposed. T_T Every time a yandere plays a villain the yandere won't get the mc. :(

  2. What? You too?O_O Wow. Even romance between twins and siblings?
    Do you have coincidentally a blog about this theme? ;D

    1. Yup, even romance between twins and siblings. Those are actually my favorite kind. Am I weird? xD

      And sadly no I don't have a blog about this theme. But it is actually not hard to find on your own if you search for it. I made this blog on male yanderes because I love them and they were hard to find :(.

    2. Disagree. Hm i think that anime/manga about romance between siblings are really rare. (if they are blood releated and it isn't a smut,ecci, hentei, Yuri or Yaoi.) I never found a manga with this theme that fits my taste or meet this prerequisites. For example the manga "true love" was okay (kinda cliche, but still okay), but then IN THE LAST CHEAPER(!!!) It turns out they aren't blood releatet. I was so what the #*~+?! D: In my had the mangaka makes: TroLoLolol..I felt me that she make fun of me. And that was not the last time. O_o It seems like that is a _(oh it seems like i digress) However do you know some manga /anime about it? I already know flower of evil, true love, koi kaze, kissxsis (was okay, but still a desaster), yosuge no sora (was a desaster too), selector infected wixoss (just a side character) and boku imoutu suru (i don't know the complete title) Thank you very much for the answer.

    3. Hey sorry for never answering you. I could have sworn I did but I understand where you are coming from. Lately I have been in the mood for some romance between siblings but constantly find myself disappointment :(. I read a good oneshot the other day called Sayonara Sakura. You should read it but spoiler alert is it sad.