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Manga | Die

Name: Brother-kun xD 
Type: Possessive/Obsessive
Level: 4
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 0


  1. I think the sister is also a yandere.

    1. Why do you say that? Don't get me wrong I am not disagreeing with you or anything I just would like to know the reason why you think that.

    2. I read a theory and i agreed with it. The theory was so: "the sister planned everything....

      This sister is not so innocent and victimized as you all think

      She planned everything, and manipulated her brother, as he did with her before.....

      She said it herself: I won't make the same mistake twice---> once she was mislead to believe he loved her, but she wouldnt be fooled anymore. This time would be the other way around.

      Actually she was the one in love with him the whole time, not him with her.

      When she had once realized, he saw only himself in her, she felt helpless and her love betrayed. Till that moment she existed only to be loved and praised by him. Once she discovered all to be a lie, somehow she lost the meaning of her existence. How she discovered that is not shown in the manga.

      Then she met another guy, an exact opposite of her brother. But she never could bring herself to love him --although she admitts she might have been happy with him ,had she stayed with him.
      But the one she truly loved still was her brother .

      Living in a world in which she's not loved by him for who she was, was unbearable for her.

      The resolve for the suicde came the moment she realized his heart would never be hers. She was also not capable of continuing her life on with another man as a replacement for her brother.

      Deeply hurt to the poiint of madness, she planned a bloody revenge by manipulating her brother's sick posessive mind, calculating everything step by step.

      So the other guy existence was turned into necessity for her revenge-------> to drive her brother crazy with fear of loosing his MOST precious live mirror(herself) in which he was able not only to see, but to love and feel his own reflexion.
      The only option left was locking this most precious belonging into a treasure box(the basement), not to be stolen by another man.

      This was also in her plans.

      So the sister took her leave with the other guy , and sent those letters-to him and the police,PRIOR to being locked up. (READ THE MANGA CAREFULLY HERE!)

      Also may be hid somewhere the razor, she comitted suiside with in the basement erlier.

      About the LIPSTICK notes-------------> I'm positive he found them by her bed.

      In them she talks about the time she spent in confinement - so may be she wrote them there on the spot...but on the other hand, in the beggining of the manga she talks about her brother RECIEVING a letter....

      I dont know, may be the translation is not quite correct and it should mean: ''when you FIND this letter'' ...

      Anyway----- it was after she took all these actions,she daclared to her brother her plans to get married and leave his side. And he proceeded exactly as she expected he would ....

      Clever girl. She got her revenge alright - broke his live mirror(deceased her living body) and exposed his so well guarded messed up secret in the same time........"

      (i copied it from CarminaBG, mangafox)

    3. Thanks for your reply! And, wow! I would have never came up with that theory myself. The theory makes sense when I read the manga again. Also, the first time I read it I was confused on the ending too so this explains it in a way. Thank you for clarifying! :D


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