June 07, 2014

Manga ◊ Arisa

*Yeah so there are 2 yandere guys in here. One that is extreme, and one that is not so extreme. The thing is though it's not towards the main heroine I should say. It's like towards the second main heroine, or secondary heroine. The guys are yanderes, but just not for the main character. I still recommend you read because I LOVE the main heroine (-^_^-).*


Name: Midori
Type: Manipulative/Overprotective
Level: 8
Meter: Extreme

Name: Kudou
Type: Overprotective/Clingy
Level: 4
Meter: Moderate

Overall Rating: 2


  1. Yeah i love him too. But sometimes he looked really scary. Im glad that he and Arisa are still together.

    Do you know Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun? Theres a soft Yandere in this Anime/ Manga. I mean Haru. Haru did threaten Kenji Yamaken when he said that Shizuki might chose him over Haru If it wasn't for her Haru would probably push Kenji down from the building and he said that he should break Shizukus leg so she cant run away.

    1. Yeah yanderes are like that. They can be scary at times. I'm glad too that he and Arisa are still together.

      I do know of the yandere you are speaking about. I have watched the anime and read the manga so I know which moment you are referring to. I put the manga under my One Time Yanderes list, http://yanderemales.blogspot.com/2014/12/miscellaneous-one-time-yanderes.html.

      I agree with you that he is yandere but, only for that moment did he let his yandere side leak so that is why I labelled him as a One Time Yandere.

  2. Wow du antwortest echt schnell. Und der Blog hier ist total toll. Gefällt mir. ^^ Kompliment. Es ist irgendwie schwer Yandere-Jungs zu finden. Ich glaub ich werde den Blog eine Zeit lang stalken. xD In letzter Zeit habe ich einfach eine Vorliebe für diesen Characktertyp. Nur das ganze Englisch ist schwer. Puh.

    Im surprised that you agree with me. O_O The most people said that Arisa is so silly because she know the truth , but dont leave him. I think thats so because the most people like Tsubasa and want to see that the antagonist get a punishment.

    1. Thank you ^^. I agree that it is hard to find yandere guys and I don't mind if you stalk my blog haha :D.

      Yeah but I am not like most people xD. He just really loved her that is why he did those things so it's nice if she loves him back :).

  3. Yeah. agree again.
    I though you like male stalkers more than female? xD But you allow me that. Then this isnt no longer stalking! Where is the fun? xDD

    1. Female stalkers, male stalkers, I love them both I don't discriminate xD. But, you are right! It is no fun if I easily agree. I will have to change that!