May 01, 2014

Otome Game ◊ Diabolik Lovers

*If the anime has a yandere, the otome games definitely have one considering the anime is based off the game. I should really start doing the games first. Whatever. It's easier this way to me <(-_-)/. You'll want to play Kanato's route (^-^). Below are links to overviews of that game.*

 Name: Kanato
Type: Possessive/Clingy/Sadistic
Level (Otome Game): 9
Meter: Extreme
Rating: 3

Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~ 


  1. I find Kanato soooooooooo scary XD but I really like romance and horror together... Anyway, do you know a way to play the game with english subs?

    1. LOL XD. Yeah he is scary. A lot of yanderes are. But I still find him charming <3. I also like romance and horror together!

      Sadly I don't know a way to play the game with English subs :(

    2. Nooooo..... :-( too bad... I learned that the game is MUCH better than the anime :s. Also, your blog is awesome. Thanks for all the work you put in it :D!

    3. The game is MUCH better than the anime. You would have to know quite a lot of Japanese to really enjoy it though since there is no English translation. (´_`).

      Thank you so much for calling my blog awesome! I enjoy blogging so it's not a problem \(^_^)/

    4. you're welcome :p (I'm the same person)