April 21, 2014

Anime ◊ Amnesia

*For those of you that have watched it, you know why it falls under the yandere category. For those of you that haven't, I recommend you watch it. Just sit and wait patiently, it does indeed have a male yandere in it. It's based off the otome game.*


Name: Toma 
Type: Overprotective, Possessive
Level (Anime): 7
Meter: Moderate
Rating (Anime): 3


  1. (Oh mein gott! Toma! o_O. Das..kam überraschend.) I wonder where Toma gets the cage. xD Ebay or Amazon? This service must be really good if he got the cage so prompt. Or is he a type who buys strange things in the internet and hide them in his cellar?

  2. (Yeah it is surprising o_O) LOL I wonder where any yandere gets their cage from? Is there like a yandere website where you can buy and sell yandere goods? xD Do all yanderes use the same website? Does Toma have a membership pass which is why he gets goods shipped so fast o_O? Haha XD.

  3. I think Toma is OBSESSIVE ~
    Imagine that she put her in cage.