♫Borderline Yandere♫

-Updated 9/12-
*So I have decided to change this to my borderline section. As I looked at the characters I have under what used to be Related, I realized that these guys can be considered Borderline. This is a better term to describe them other than Related. Also, the guys down here have yandere aspects so it's right to call them Borderline rather than Related since they are milder versions of a male yandere/possible yanderes.*
  • Drama: Kill Me, Heal Me: Okay so this korean drama is pretty funny. I was so excited because one of the characters in here is like a yandere. I would have called him a yandere and posted about this drama but as I watched it I started to waver. Maybe it's because the drama is more comedic than serious? Whatever. Anyway he still could be a yandere. The drama itself even eludes to that idea. 
  • Manga/Anime: Inu x Boku SS: I actually had this as a post but I took it down because I was like nahh he's not a yandere why did I even post about this. And here I am putting it back up here. He does exhibit yandere like qualities, and the manga even refers to him as a yandere but to me it's not enough. It is not visible enough and is more subtle. He is like close to that line for yandere but doesn't cross it. It's up to you really though. I don't think he is one but you might say he is. It's arguable.
  • Manga: Love Sick: I had this one posted also but took it down. The guys in here are not yanderes. They are only to a certain degree. From like 1-10 they are like a 3 or so. They are all kind of twisted and need the main heroine but the manga doesn't dig deeper into that.
  • Otome Game: Brother's Conflict: Wow. I actually watched the anime and read some reviews of the game but I totally did not know that Iori was a yandere. Seriously that was such a big shocker! You don't really see it in the anime but apparently in the otome game if you play his route he is one. He is like one of those types that fall into a yandere. Because of the death of his previous lover he becomes paranoid and possessive towards the heroine. 
  • Anime: Gugure! Kokkuri-san: I totally did not realize at all that Inugami was a yandere! Someone recommended this anime to me saying that Inugami was a yandere and I was like "What? But, I watched this anime, how come I did not see that?" When I think back on it he is. I guess I was to busy laughing to realize it XD. He is used for a comedic effect and is not a total yandere, he just has some yandere moments.
  • Anime: Shaman King: There is a character in here named Faust who is a sort of a yandere. He is not a main character in this show though and only has some parts. Check him out if you're interested.  
  • Anime: Saiunkoku Monogatari: Okay so I actually watched this a while ago and kind of forgot that Sakujun, an antagonist in this anime was a little bit of a yandere. He is not a total yandere because of reasons that would spoil it for you so I won't say. But, if you need a little yandere action check out this anime. It takes a little while for the guy to appear though. I really enjoyed his character.  
  • Manga/Anime: Akatsuki no Yona: Alright so I have always felt that Hak was a yandere. He gives off that yandere vibe and it just feels like he is one. The problem is there is no concrete evidence to declare him a yandere. He does have a few yandere moments though. I was going to put him on One Time Yanderes but his yandere moment didn't happen once. So I put him here on Related. He has the tendency and situation to be a yandere but it doesn't look like the author will make him into one. 
  • Otome Game: Forbidden Romance: My Secret Pets!: The yandere in here Lize, is categorized as a spoiled and devious rabbit, which immediately made me want to play his route. I was hoping for him to be a yandere and he did turn out to be a semi-yandere. He kinda gets "cured" by the end which is why I can't call him a yandere but he is borderline because he has yandere qualities and moments. 
  • Manga: Haou Airen: I have been debating this for a while but I always wondered if you could consider the main guy in here a yandere. He has some yandere moments and is very possessive of the heroine. He never actually crosses that line for yandere so that is why I have him here under Borderline.


    1. Is Kiri from The Severing Crime Edge a borderline yandere?

      1. I don't really know. I have watched the anime, haven't read the manga but he doesn't come across as yandere to me. He wants to protect her so he is forced to kill other people. He is not really killing them because he wants to though if that makes sense.