January 16, 2017

Miscellaneous ◊ One Time Yanderes (100 Followers Present ^^)

*Dear beloved readers! Thanks for always visiting my blog and for enjoying my posts ^^. I'm glad that there are so many out there who share my passion for male yanderes. I'm proud of how much my blog has grown and how male yanderes have grown over the years :D. To celebrate I have a treat, a special list of One Time Yanderes. I haven't done this in a while so I thought I should do one now to celebrate 100 followers. In case you've forgotten, the One Time Yandere list is a list of males in any media that have portrayed a yandere side for a moment or for a small period of time. They haven't been "yandere" for too long or they were yandere and got cured so that is why I don't consider them yandere and instead put them on this list. So without further ado, enjoy this list fellow male yandere lovers ^^*

Yuru Koi Ch 5; Sidestory 2: Happy Birthday (Sequel story to Heart no Ou-sama) 
Yuru Koi 5 Page 24
Very cute story. I highly suggest you read the whole thing by reading the first two chapters of Heart no Ou-sama for background and then read the sequel in the Yuru Koi manga.
Wanted Ep 2, Ending of Ep 5, and Beginning of Ep 6 - Manager Kwon
Image result for Kim Ah-joong
Very good series. This kdrama was very entertaining. The suspence was great and the drama keeps you guessing thorughout. As for the guy above, he was definitely yandere but his screen time doesn't justify watching the entire series. For the best of him I suggest to watch the drama from episode 1 to 6 fully. If not, then watch the parts listed above for his yandere action.

Mikami Sensei no Aishikata Ch 1
Mikami Sensei no Aishikata 1 Page 12
This chapter gives me Yato (Noragami) vibes xD. That aside though I don't really like this manga. I personally suggest to read the first chapter alone because the rest of the series destroys itself in my opinion.

Hatsukoi Monster Ep 9-12

Overprotective Doting Brother at your service. That is all I have to say about this guy. He's partially yandere in regards to his obsession with his sister but he doesn't do anything that pushes him off the border to call him a yandere. Correct me if I am wrong but he is not yandere. In my opinion he's just got a heavy sister complex.

Kamisama Hajimemashita Ch 131
This guy definitely has plenty more yandere scenes aside from this one but it would be a pain to find all of them xD. Tomoe's got a lot of yandere traits and he would be yandere but the series doesn't make him one because every time he's about to flip he's calmed down. He's more of a bark and no bite character which is ironic. He's just like Kyou from Black Bird. They both have potential to go full out yandere but the female leads stop them each time sadly.

Kamisama Kiss Ep 4
This guy is the definition of One Time Yandere. He was total yandere in this episode and in the manga but after this scene above he gave up. He played it smart though. If in this series he continued his yandereness he would have not been able to get close to Nanami (not me the girl in this series lol xD). By turning into the childish and clingy character he is now he was able to spend time with her and be near her. So while his yandere side didn't last long, his love for her did.

Toriko no Toriko Ch 4
Toriko no Toriko 4 Page 21
Super cute manga! I enjoyed this one a lot. The guy is a merciless killer so it makes it really easy for him to be yandere but he's not. At least not throughout the manga. His actions might look yandere but that is only because he is used to killing others. Towards the end he showed a yandere side though. But since it was at the end and for a brief period of time he ended up on this list.
Kedamonozakari Koizakari Ch 2
Kedamonozakari, Koizakari 2 Page 25
Ah youth. This is your typical shoujo manga. The yandere scene in this chapter spiced things up a bit though. The guy in here is definitely not a yandere. He is just like any other shoujo manga guy, only a little cuter :D. This chapter had him show a yandere side but only for a brief moment. It disappears after this chapter sadly.

Otome to Meteo Ch 2
Otome to Meteo - Chapter 2 - 28
This manga is completed but not fully translated. From what I can tell the guy in here has no more yandere moments outside this one which is a bummer. Based on his personality I totally did not expect this moment when I was reading the manga so it came as a pleasant shock. Despite the extremeness of the scene above, the guy in here in not yandere. I still highly suggest everyone to give this manga a read because it is extremely cute ^^.

Well, that's about it for my list! Hope you all enjoy the titles above! Once again thank you to all who visit this blog ^^. I'm happy that we all share the same passions and I'm glad to be of help to some. As much as you all recommend yanderes to me, I would like to do the same! I will keep searching, and inform you guys when I find them like I always have been. Thanks!


  1. Congrats on your 100 followers! And thanks for taking the time to give us all these sexy yandere guys. ^_^

    1. Thanks ^^ And, no problem! Providing sexy yanderes is what I am here for xD

  2. their is a otome game called Wicked Love. a kickstarter game and their is a one yandere. i think his first name is... levi. i think the game is coming out on steam.

  3. So glad you're around again! I'm really thirsty for some male yanderes~ Anyways, I found a potential yandere, if you haven't heard of this one. It's a light smutty novel called Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! It's seriously good (so far). The main guy is VERY possessive and is willing to do anything to get the girl~

  4. I made a yandere amino community. It's kinda empty atm but I plan to do lots of things there. Here is the link:


    if it expires just download amino and look for the ID Yan-Dere you should find it. This blog has been a huge inspiration.