December 09, 2015

Review ◊ Alice in the Heart 〜Wonderful Wonder World〜 (App)

*This is a review for the English version of Heart no Kuni no Alice released for the Apple & Android device done by a fellow male yandere lover, MaleYandereObsessed. If you haven't played the game yet or, are debating on whether to get it, this review explains the yandereness in the game. I find this review very helpful for those who want to buy the game for the yanderes but doubt the quality of the yanderes and the game. Even if you have played the game already this review is something you can relate to since I shared similar thoughts to this review as well (*^ワ^*). Now, without further ado, I present to you, the review!*

 PLEASE NOTE: This is a review for the English game and it is ridiculously long. As a heads up, I am a major cynic, and despite all my complaints I really DID like this game- oh, and possible spoilers ahead. I played all the characters' routes in the English version, it was brilliant, but, I was a teensy-little-bit disappointed. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm so obsessed, but I was expecting a little more yandere insanity.

The main route I was unsatisfied with was Vivaldi's. As the only female love interest in the game I was looking forward to her route but, there seemed to be very little exploration into her and Alice's romance or love, let alone obsession. There were far fewer CGs and I didn't feel the route went much past sisterly love/friendship, which is a big flop in a 'otome game'. If you're putting in a route in a dating sim, romance is kind of expected ya know.

Julius and Gowland certainly weren't yandere- Julius being the gloomy lover who wants you to stay but pushes you away at the same time, and Gowland's love being open and honest. If I was pushing it maybe you could say Gowland was a little manipulative or possessive but, I think he was just desperate for Alice to stay, and since all of these characters are slightly insane in our terms due to the difference in how death is viewed and this being the first time they experience love, I wouldn't really call this yandere, just innocent love.

Next I would put Elliot and Boris- both of these characters are possessive but I would class them as borderline. Both do have an obsession with Alice in their routes but Elliot is like the bipolar-innocent lover, whose mafia side never seems to cross into love. Towards Alice he's a total sweetheart and adorable; he's desperate for her to stay but doesn't seem to do much that would be classed as yandere to keep her with him- he just wants reassurance- similar to Gowland, but he puts slightly more pressure on her to stay.

Boris on the other hand starts to tilt the scale with his Best End. He always showed possessive traits throughout his route but, it really comes to light in his ending. He basically tells Alice if she wants to go home she'll have to kill him. A lot of crazy stuff and discussion around killing each other goes down (oh my god it made me cry- certainly the most emotional end) and when she stays he handcuffs himself to Alice for god knows how long.

Ace is a strange one. By the end I couldn't figure out if he actually loved Alice or was just insane and messing around with her. Maybe he did love Alice, but being the cynic I am I'm not convinced XD.

For me the twins, Dee & Dum are next. They certainly express their love vocally and physically but, out of all the characters, for me, these two seemed to have the most trouble understanding love as we know it. So much like with Ace, I'm cynical. This may partly be due to the fact that these two routes were much shorter for unexplained reasons, having far fewer CGs. Only the Best and Bad endings showed their development as characters and their developed feelings but that even seemed a bit rushed. The routes weren't bad it's just I didn't feel like they met their full potential with such yandere-like characters to begin with, they just seemed more sadistic then yandere.

Then there is Peter. This guy is definitely a form of yandere. He's the one who originally brought Alice to Wonderland a.k.a kidnapped her. He's constantly trying to please Alice, offering to do anything and everything within and outside the realm of his power just to make her like him more. He's even willing to die so Alice won't forget him. This guy will hardly ever leave Alice alone, will do everything to make Alice love him, and is willing to kill anyone Alice spends more time with then him. Interestingly, his is the only route that even mentions the possibility of starting a family, although briefly, because he believes if Alice had a child with him Alice wouldn't leave him. So yeah, definite yandere. Although he can be creepy as hell and also kinda irritating, he was also surprisingly sweet.

For me, in this game, Blood is actually one of the major yanderes. At first, he does nothing but tease and try to manipulate Alice because he finds Alice interesting, trying to seduce Alice. But, at some point along the way he starts to show kinda obvious jealousy towards Alice's ex who looks just like him. He's extremely possessive, jealous, and downright refuses to let Alice leave. Blood's route has 4 ends, 2 of which show definite yandere characteristics and 1 couldn't be more yandere if it tried (SPOILER- seriously Blood? Threatening to kill her, kidnap her, destroying her only way home, forcing her to kiss you then forcing her to marry you only a few days later probably aren't the best ways to a girl's heart). But, to be honest, the Best End at least made the mysterious guy be honest about his feelings for Alice- so hey, that's good.

So both Peter and Blood are yandere. I would say Peter focuses more on the obsessive, innocent-desperation and loving side of yandere while Blood focuses more on the lustful, possessive and twisted-desperation side of yandere.

And may I just say how much I was hoping I could play a route for Nightmare...that made me sad...

BUT, despite all this, I really did enjoy this game. Sure the translation was a bit patchy and sometimes I was left a bit disappointed by a route or ending but, the overall experience with this game was really fun. All of the characters are really different, meaning no matter what your type is, you will find a character you like. Nearly all of the characters have possessive moments that will make you squeal and quite a few of the routes have different branches for certain scenarios, meaning you'll have plenty of content to play through before you're done. And thank god, finally a heroine that isn't some oblivious-happy-go-lucky girl who can't protect herself *ahem*Voltage*ahem*!!

Alice is quite a relatable character I find, making this that much more fun. The constant squabbling between characters and Alice trying to stop them all from being so quick on the trigger results in hilarity XD. I think this game does a brilliant job of balancing humour with action and romance, and I think there is a level of yandere for nearly everyone. You'll probably be left a bit confused once you've finished the whole thing, but it's worth it. Also, the price isn't bad. Compared to other games which I find stupidly expensive now, you certainly get the value for money with this game. And, if you don't want to buy a route, the prologue and the 1st episode is free for all 9 characters so you can try before you buy :p.


Yeah so if this review made you wanna get the game check out this post for the links :D. I agreed with almost everything said in this review. Playing the game I had similar thoughts. I haven't played Julius, Gowland, Vivaldi or Blood's route yet though so I can't vouch for them but I am pretty sure the assessment of them is similar to what I would think considering everything else is similar to my thoughts ^^. It was mentioned before but, if you are still not sure if you should get a route you can preview them a little for free. You can buy each route separately which I suggest if you just feel like playing one character's route. But, if you think you might play multiple characters' routes I suggest buying the whole game since it is less than having to pay for each route separately. Overall, I found the game worth its money and a fun play for those who love male yanderes(‐^▽^‐). 


  1. Hy there~ Nanami-chan!! (*^▽^*) It's been a looooongg time since I comment your blog again! Oh I'm so sorry!! I've been so freaking busy with my school and stupid exams!! DX and actually I visited your blog at least one time a week but couldn't comment anything in the end since I dunno how to say 'hello' to you without have any comment about what you were posted so yeah I'm sorry :(

    By the way! This post about Alice again,huh? Lol you must be like it so much since you've been posted this game about twice or more ? Well,who wouldn't like it anyway ? This is (probably) the first otome game of Alice in wonderland and the best alice game ever! (At least to me XD)

    I mean just look at her! Alice is the funniest heroine of all! She's out-going,hardworking girl,open-minded and the most important than all she could stand being surrounded by bunch of psycho killing idiots without go insane ! XD well, you will understand how unique she is from other heroine once you play the game! 。^‿^。right Nanami-chan?

    1. Hi Nabilah-chan! It's nice to hear from you again :D. You don't have to apologize! I have been busy myself lately too. I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me ^^!

      Yup, I really like the Alice series since it contains a bunch of yandere or at least borderline yandere characters :D. It is my favorite Alice game too. I have never liked Alice in Wonderland so much before xD!

      I agree! She is the most realistic and relatable heroine I have ever played. She has multiple flaws but that is what makes her perfect! ^^

  2. I remember watching it, IT WAS SO GOOD, I'm trying so hard to refrain myself from spoiling it. I wonder how she's feeling, I mean Ritsuka.

    1. I agree it was good :). I can't wait for the final episode! I am kind of sad that it is gonna be over soon though :(.