May 25, 2015

Miscellaneous ◊ One Time Yanderes Pt.2

*So here I am again with One Time Yanderes Pt.2! Okay so just as a recap, these are some one time male yanderes I've encountered so far and remember. Meaning males in anime, manga, dramas, etc. that have had yandere moments at one certain point. I don't post about the series they are in because they only behave yandereish once, so it's not worth it watching/reading that series if you're in it for the yandere.*

Magical 12th Graders: Mr. Namgung, the Biology Teacher (Ep. 17)

Black Bird: Kyou (Ch. 66)

Kirai: Hanada (Ch. 33)
Image above edited to keep things PG 13

Hetamen: Sadao (Ch. 6)   

Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi: Rayford (Ch. 4)
Family is Coming: The Old Acquaintance (Ep. 3-6)
This image is from Ep 6 but the yandere stuff happens in earlier episodes. I'm not totally sure where. But this guy in the picture above was a yandere. He has many small parts throughout the episodes so if you are willing to search for them go ahead. I suggest watching the drama. It's the best way to see all the yandere parts.

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