March 12, 2015

Drama CD ◊ Yandere Heaven Black Vol.4

*Heh..heh.. yeah... This actually came out on Halloween and I didn't even know(・□・;)! I should have checked... Well. It's okay. Anyway, for those BL fans that I have been neglecting, here is a little something for you ( ´∀`). Another Drama CD from the Yandere Heaven Black series has been released. It's volume 4 of the series. I think you can expect a 5 and a 6 to follow up sooner or later just saying. For those of you who don't know what Yandere Heaven is all about it's basically about 2 male yanderes who fight for you (or in the BL series the main guy) and depending on who you pick, there is an after track about what happens between you two. It's the perfect thing for yandere lovers (♡ >ω< ♡). Check out the official site for more information. Enjoy \(^0^)/*

I think the main guy in here (the one in the middle) is sooo hot XD!


  1. Finally...i have been waiting for this to came out~

  2. Wow,it's been a while since my last comment...Hello Nanami-chan !  (may I call you that ? 😁) I see you're always update that's make me happy! thanks! Btw let's to the point,I found a drama cd which has Yandere male≧﹏≦ days ago. it's : Jooubachi no Kanbinaru Kougo
    Vol. 4; CV : Kakihara Tetsuya (after Toma,now we have Yandere Shin 😂 lol) I know this is so late (because I'm busy with the upcoming test which already done) so I thought I will search for Yandere drama cd and I found this. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ that's why I want to share this with you. So,what do you think,? Have you listened to the CD ?

    1. Nabilah-san, it's nice to speak with you again ^^. You may call me that, in fact, it would make me happy if you do (≧∇≦)/. Can I add -chan to your name too?

      You are welcome for the updates (●⌒∇⌒●). But, I do them because I like to so there is no reason to thank me. I'm just happy that you visit my blog often (‐^▽^‐).

      I have not listened to Jooubachi no Kanbinaru Kougo Vol 4 yet. Thank you so much for updating me on it! Thanks for sharing this CD with me. I will listen to it and get back to you. I am kind of excited now because I like Kakihara Tetsuya so the fact that he plays a yandere in this drama CD makes me happy (^_^). Thanks <3.

    2. Really ? It's nice to speak to you too! ^_^ Also,You can add -chan to my name too! I will be so happy! So I shall call you Nanami-chan too right ?!(*^_^*)

      And of course I will visit your blog as much as I have time,since I love your blog of all! You know,there's so rare we could find blog that had yandere male info in it,that's why..。^‿^。Also,you don't have to thank me! I just like to share what I know (^_^) epsecially since I don't have anyone to share about this anyway lol

      Actually,I've already listened to the CD (and unfortunately,I can't find the translation everywhere so I can't say much about it -_-) but yeah,since I like Kakihara Tetsuya too (a.k.a Kakkun♥ lol) I don't really care ! I just want to say that his low voice is somewhat sexy ≧﹏≦especially since he's doing yandere ! But some people say that he doesn't suit role yandere so I was like 'why ?' :| Hahaha. I'm sorry if I saying too much,I just want to tell you about Kakkun's first (maybe) yandere role character XD

      P.S. since this is R-18 I think you should listen to this with headphone and jeng-jeng! You have Kakkun's moans (with annoying water splash :| ) over and over again XD Hahaha

    3. Yes, you can call me that while I call you Nabilah-chan ^-^.

      Thanks for loving my blog! I'm glad that I have you and other readers that like male yanderes as much as I do so I have someone to share them with <3.

      I can't wait to listen to the Drama CD (*≧▽≦)! You are not saying too much! I'm glad you are sharing your thoughts on the CD with me. Once I am done listening I will tell you my thoughts too!

      Haha XD. Thanks for the update, I will use headphones (-^^-).

  3. Whats bl sorry i just bewn reasing your posts now and am really curious. Im sorry!! By the way love your blogs!

    1. Thanks for loving my blog! And bl is boys love. It means romance between males.