February 21, 2015

Manga/Drama CD ◊ Diabolik Lovers

*I can't believe it took me this long to post about this! What, have I been living in box all these years? XD I absolutely LOVE Kanato ( ˘ ³˘)♥. How could I forget about this? Everything about him is just perfect! He suits my tastes exactly (ノ^∇^). These mangas and Drama CDs really do bring justice to him. If you like yanderes be sure to check them out by clicking read more down below.*

Name: Kanato
Type: Possessive/Clingy/Sadistic
Level (Drama CD & Manga): 7
Meter: Moderate
Rating: 3

Diabolik Lovers Anthology (Ch4&10)
 Diabolik Lovers More Blood Anthology (Ch.2, Italian Translated)
Diabolik Lovers More Blood Anthology English Translated (Done by Me. I couldn't find one so I just translated it myself. Hope it's not too horrible XD)
Diabolik Lovers Cardinal Anthology
 Diabolik Lovers Kanato Prequel
Diabolik Lovers Kanato Sequel

Drama CDs


  1. I love Kanato as well! He's a shota, a yandere, and can be pathetic at times. Just my type of guy! XD

    Oh, they're coming out with what I believe is a new drama CD. It's coming out in December this year.

    1. Isn't Kanato just perfect? A lot of people don't understand why some people like Kanato. I think he's perfect! His yandereism, sophisticated style of speaking, his seiyuu (Yūki Kaji), his shotaness, his personality, everything about him is just perfect! Sorry, I could just talk all day about how much I love him! Did I mention that I love the color purple? XD

      Also, about the Drama CD, I totally did not know that! I am so excited now! Too bad it's until December, I can't wait, I want it now (>_<).

    2. You summed up my love for Kanato perfectly! Can I be your friend now? Please? Also, the color purple is amazing.

      Umm...Good news the drama CDs come out in April. There's a PV advertising it on Youtube, just look up Diabolik Lover Bloody Bouquet. The game comes out in December...I think. My Japanese isn't very good.

    3. Of course you can be my friend! Anyone who loves Kanato as much as I do is a friend of mine! <3

      And my mistake you are so right. The Drama CD does come out in April. I just saw the PV on Youtube and now I am so excited!

    4. Yay!

      I'm glad you found it. Now April need to hurry up and get here!

  2. I think Kanato is also the sadistic type, seriously he *spoilers* slices the heroine in the game *spoilers*

    1. Totally agree with that lol. I forgot to add the most obvious one xD. I will fix it now.