July 07, 2014

Manga ◊ Pandora Hearts

*Okay so I was debating for a long time whether or not to consider the guys in here yanderes. As you can see I've decided that they were (^_^). At first I was focusing on Oz (main character) because a lot of people have said he's a yandere. I admit that he has his yandere moments, but he's not the true yandere, *spoiler* Jack is. I think almost all of the characters in this manga are twisted which is why it was so hard for me to decide if the guys were yanderes or not. I've concluded that some of the guys in here are. They've all had their yandere moments once or twice, but some are definitely male yanderes. Check out this compelling argument on male yanderes in Pandora Hearts if I didn't convince you enough (^-^). I really love the things this person said about yanderes. I feel the same exact way about them <3.*


*The series was also made into an anime that goes into the yandere stuff a little bit if you're interested.*


  1. Spoiler:
    i absolutly love this manga. ^^ I read 1-17 and i think that Vincent and Jack are definely yanderes. I have mixed feelings about it, because i really love(d) Jack, but this plottwist...I dont know. Shall i hate him?! I feel so sorry for oz and the others, but i really love(d) Jack and then he became a yandere. Shall i hate him or love him more? But the cute (shota) Oz suffers. D:(i really like oz and his twisted personality and because he is shota. Yes i like shotas.)
    Vincent is okay. I hate his overdoing. Okay Jack overdid it too, but if vinecent wouldn't cut arms, eyes,..off then he would be maybe a better yandere than Jack. Hm problably this isn't the point, its because he is S.

    1. Me too <3. I get mixed feelings about this manga also. I love the yandereness but at the same time I don't want the main character to suffer. Decisions decisions xD.

  2. Oh it came out that oz' body belongs to jack o_O So i prefer jack ^^ (if i had to decide me between this 2 yanderes.)But if i had to choose me for a normal character then i would take Oz or Gil.
    And i finally think that Gil and Elliot a yanderes too. I didn't noticed it because the others kinda "overpowered"it.

    1. I'd prefer Jack too ^^. Also all the characters in the manga have a little yandere potential in them but they get overshadowed by the more powerful yanderes I should say. This manga is just good in general for male yandere lovers to read since it is entertaining and contains all kind of yanderes :D.

    2. Yeah. It seems like Pandora Hearts contains all kinds of yandere: Females, Males, possessive, obssessive, borderline,yandere-shotas, do-s and do-m. yanderes, yandere stuffed animals,..
      Everyone is kinda twistet and weird. It's a pity that the most are borderline. I envy Lacie a bit. Jack is my type. And it's funny: Gil is yandere for Oz, Oz is yandere for Alice, Alice is (kinda) yandere for Oz and Alyss, Alyss is yandere for jack, jack is yandere for Lacie and Lacie is yandere for no one. xD Chaos.

      Hope the dark side (jack) wins. ( I'd never through that i would ever think this.)xD "Evenen in your psychotic state, i still love you. Jack."

    3. Yup, you said it all! It is a pity that most are borderline :(. And, lol the chaos. It's a yandere mess!

      And yeah me too. I always wish for the dark side to take over xD.

      P.S: Love your quote! xD