July 30, 2014

Drama CD ◊ Taisho Kyuuketsu Ibun

*Okay so in this Drama CD series the first situation CD has the yandere in it. It's the guy with the brown hair. Basically in this series 2 vampires are fighting over you and you have to chose one of them. Click here to go to the official site.*


  1. You should call your blog yandere heaven :D it's everything!
    I Love it <3 I think this is the first blog that i had found that's really all about yanderism <--- made up word haha.
    And it saddens me that yandere guy's aren't that big :'( But now it's slowly changing! 'cause yandere girl's are over rated move over mirai nikki :))
    They should start making anime's with lot's of hot yandere guy's and also more drama cd's with yandere guy's *nosebleed*

    1. I absolutely agree with you! (^-^)/ I really want to see more attention towards the male yandere category. I think that slowly it's going to come and little by little male yanderes will become more popular. <3
      Also thank you for the comments about my blog! (-^_^-) I'm trying my best to make this blog all about male yanderes. <3